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Let's create together!

The ideas are all yours.  Only someone who knows the business can be creative in the business.  I can't be creative in electrical engineering because I have no engineering expertise.  The ingredients are yours, but I can teach you the techniques allowing you to combine those ingredients in unique ways to make new products, new services, new processes, and new business.

Flexibility is the key to creativity, and I am flexible with you. A lunch talk, a multi-day training session, or a project-based schedule may be the best fit for you and your needs.  Let's talk and get your ideas cooking.

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

Course Offering picture.png

I am excited to offer an array of classes designed to make your teams more creative and prepared to take on tough problems.  These interactive workshops are available today for under $1000 for classes of 15 creative participants.

If none of these fit your needs, let's create one together.

The Spring calendar is booking now, so reserve your slot today.

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