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About Us

Whether flying fighter aircraft, leading the air campaign against ISIS, planning security cooperation with America's closest Allies, or simply being a military officer, I found myself wielding creativity skills more often than weapons.  

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Even in the regimented life of the military, I found ways to unleash creativity in myself and in the teams I led. No matter how good an idea might be, it won't survive the crucible of combat or the concrete of the Pentagon if it doesn't work. When our teams put together a  creative, resilient, insightful plan attacking the heart of a problem rather than its symptoms, we knew we were playing with fire.

Firepower Concepts brings lessons learned over a career of preparing for, participating in, and preventing conflict to a new audience of entrepreneurs and established enterprises ready to ignite ingenuity from the spark of creativity.

Firepower Concepts provides individual and team training, consulting, and coaching for anyone who needs a creative boost.  Pricing for our services is individually tuned to your objectives, and what would a "creativity company" be if we were not willing to find a financing plan that works for your business.​

What would you accomplish if you turned your ideas into reality?

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